Hoarding Clean Out

Metro Detroit’s Hoarding Clean Up Task Force        Premium Junk Removal Crew


Junk Marshals is your local expert in hoarding clean up jobs in Metro Detroit MI. Maybe you’ve had a relative who’s passed and left a hoarder’s home packed to the rafters? Or perhaps they were just messy and left unwanted or broken items and broken electronics? We come in and de-clutter where necessary, or in severe cases provide a complete service cleaning the house top to bottom.

Unfortunately businesses sometimes move into the “hoarder” realm. Besides the reams of papers that collect over the years, often time closets and even rooms become cluttered with old promotional items, convention kiosk paraphernalia, out-of-date computers, boxes of old brochures, etc.

If this is your business and you’re renting office space, this junk is costing you money! Think about it: you’re paying rent on space that’s housing junk you’ll never use again!  Junk Marshals have experience in the removal of old office equipment, broken electronics, unwanted junk and files. Remove it! We’ll work around your schedule to clean up when it’s most convenient.  We can be there before the rest of office arrives or stop by at the end of day.  Why interrupt your business day for cleanup when Junk Marshals can make it fast and painless!

And don’t worry about the environment!  Junk Marshals believe in recycling as many items as they can. That includes old appliances and broken electronics. Hoarder homes or your business, Junk Marshals will remove the junk!




Call the hoarding clean up task force and let’s bust out the that JUNK!!

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